we specialize in a variety of surgical procedures including:

wisdom teeth removal


gum grafts

dental implants


all-on-4 procedures

periodontal disease

Our mission: as a team we strive to exceed expectations with respect to comfortable oral surgical treatment provided in a safe and tranquil environment.

Did you know? Our doctors are involved with the American Dental Association Well-being initiative and have a YouTube channel ‘Between Two Teeth’. The doctors and  Dr. McNeill’s son had the opportunity to serve recently on a Ukrainian dental mission. Check it out below:

Article from the ADA on the Ukraine Mission

Both doctors are involved with the American Dental Association promotion of wellness. They hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to push a message of well-being. Check it out here:

Did you know? Dr. Ganter was selected to give her class commencement address at her surgical leadership class through Harvard Medical School.

Here the docs chat with the president of the American Dental Association at the ADA annual session:

Check out this article about Dr. Ganter being selected as a top ADA leader!

We value community involvement and service to others. Dr. McNeill and Dr. Ganter have volunteered in a variety of Texas Missions of Mercy events through the Texas Dental Association Foundation and have served on mission trips to Guatemala. 

These photos show Drs. McNeill and Ganter on a dental mission trip in Guatemala where he had the chance to work with other doctors and dental students from across Texas to help the people of that beautiful country! This was actually how the doctors decided to join in practice together after working together during that week!

Dr. McNeill received an appointment to the Texas State Dental Board of Examiners by the Governor of Texas. He was intimately involved in the process of re-opening dental offices in the state of Texas.  During 2016, Dr. McNeill was honored to be selected to a Blue Ribbon Panel by the state dental board that looked at specific issues involving patient safety as is relates to dental sedation in dental offices throughout the state. It was certainly an honor and a privilege for Dr. McNeill to be part of this important work and he considers it an honor and a privilege to serve.

Dr. McNeill had the privilege of speaking as his class representative for over 100 physicians at his recent graduation from his fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona School of Medicine. You may recognize the gentleman with the white beard. That is Dr. Andrew Weil, the Harvard trained physician who is known as the father of integrative medicine. You may have seen him on Oprah or in Prevention Magazine. Click on this link to find out more about Integrative Medicine